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Our mission and objective

For more than 25 years, we have extended our services to our clients, enabling them to keep the know-how of their professional teams up to date and increase their clout. We help our clients mobilize their most important asset: their people. Our mission is to provide organizations with a reliable and diverse network that creates a good match between employees and employers. We help organizations hire the right people, in an increasingly complex and diverse society. In a way that businesses can flourish and employees placed by us are offered a positive growth path in their development. Financial Assets Executive Search explicitly believes in equality of each individual. Since our founding in 1998, we have been selecting candidates without any judgment of race, color, religion, gender and/or nationallity.

Financial Assets believes that diversity can play an important role in achieving an organization’s goals.

Diversity increases suitability, in the sense that diversity provides multiple perspectives. Financial Assets prefers to use a broad definition of diversity. It is not only about male/female ratio, age and cultural background, but also about the presence of diverse mindsets, knowledge areas, backgrounds and managerial competencies and, depending on the forum, a balance between experts and generalists.