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Impact Investment

What is impact investment?

Impact investment means investing in companies, organizations and funds with the aim of generating a quantifiable benefit for society and/or the environment, as well as a financial return. Sustainable investing and financing have become commonplace in recent years – so much so that we could no longer do without them.

Evaluating the societal impact of investments includes looking at issues such as:

  • Does a company ensure safe working conditions and provide good/fair remuneration for its employees?
  • Is there a policy against discrimination?
  • How does a company handle its own suppliers?
  • What is it doing to eliminate child labour from its production process?
  • Is the company susceptible to corruption? What are its lobbying activities?
  • How are the board and supervisory board appointed? Do they set a good example, in terms of the business and/or private spheres?
  • How transparent is the company regarding its policies and activities? What is its business ethos?
  • How does the company ensure data security and data privacy?
  • Does the company take account of the impact of its suppliers?
  • Does the company ask its own employees to take responsibility for sustainability in the private sphere?

An ecological impact evaluation can include the following points:

  • What is the company’s vision for the energy transition?
  • What is the company doing to reduce CO2 emissions, water usage and waste?
  • Does the company have an impact on biodiversity and/or sustainable food production?
  • Does the company recycle?
  • Does the company report on its own impact on the environment?
  • Does the company ask its own staff to take responsibility for their ecological impact in the private sphere, too?


  • Head of Private Impact Equity & Debt - International Impact Investment Management Firm
  • Managing Director - Impact Investment Firm
  • Impact Investment Team Lead - Impact Investment Firm
  • Senior Impact Investment Manager Debt Equity - International Impact Investment Firm
  • Director Impact Partnerships - International Development Finance Company

More information about Sustainable Investments?

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